Local leadership

The PCC role is about more than just policing. Many of the problems the police deal with need many local organisations to tackle them, and I know from experience that the best Police and Crime Commissioners can bring together local services to best serve local people.

This has been very challenging in an era of funding cuts, but if elected I will lobby central Government to replace the lost investment and challenge partners to ensure they work together effectively. I have a proven track record of bringing organisations from across Avon and Somerset together, such as:

  • I have set up 5 joint teams comprising police, local authorities, schools and health colleagues from across Avon and Somerset to focus on reducing knife crime amongst young people;
  • I have worked with local NHS groups to address important shared problems such as domestic abuse, mental health and sexual violence; and
  • I led the team which jointly commissioned a service to identify and protect victims of child sexual exploitation across our area.

If elected, I will continue to use my experience to show leadership and challenge local partners and political parties to work together to address these issues.