Championing Avon and Somerset to become the most inclusive police force in the country

The foundation of policing in the United Kingdom is policing by consent. This means policing can only be truly effective with the support of people from all our communities.

Working to ensure that Avon and Somerset Police reflects the local people it serves and that they police all communities fairly and appropriately is a personal priority that I will focus on throughout my term in office.

Good progress has been made in recent years. This has included:

  • Working in partnership with our communities
  • Establishing scrutiny panels to review videos of police use of powers and complaints
  • Setting up the Avon and Somerset Lammy Review to look at disproportionality; and
  • Avon and Somerset becoming the first police force in the UK to secure the National Equality Standard in 2020.

There is still more to do and achieving this will be one of my priorities if elected.